Sweet Saint Tropez


This July, locals and holiday makers alike will blow out the candles for a big 60th birthday in Saint Tropez. No, it’s not for Donatella or Ivana, or any of the usual suspects found meandering the narrow streets of town. It’s for that special gourmandise sweet that is the staple of every visit to Saint Tropez- the famous Tarte Tropézienne. Forget Cronuts, this cream filled brioche, whose recipe has remained secret since 1955, wins over our sweet tooth every summer without fail.


The famed dessert originated in a small patisserie on the village square. Drawing on a patisserie served by his grandmother, chef Alexandre Micka kept the double cream recipe a secret, even as devotees like a young Brigitte Bardot (straight off her filming of Vadim’s “And God Created Woman”) proclaimed it her favorite indulgence and encouraged him to give it a proper name- the tarte tropézienne was born.


As the sleepy fishing village turned into a mecca for the jet set, the Tarte Tropézienne’s fame grew in turn. Today, enjoying a slice of tarte is a mandatory part of any holiday to Saint Tropez, preferably enjoyed along the place des Lices with a glass of chilled rosé.


Don’t miss the village celebrations for the tarte’s diamond anniversary. Starting July 10, 2015, several pop-up sites will open on the main promenade, the city hall, and other iconic sites around the village to make sure you get a taste. For more information, visit the official website.

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