Exposition Art Galleries

Galerie Daltra

Art brings together human works intended to touch the senses and emotions. Innovative and itinerant, the Daltra Gallery offers you another look at the exhibition places and the artist-gallery-collector relationship.

Resolutely focused on Contemporary, it aims to put in perspective the creations of artists with various techniques, practices and horizons.
Come discover today the artists exhibited by this gallery in its new space, 20 closed reindeer, arcade located right next to the Post Office.
His style is unique!

his summer, don’t miss the Urban Art exhibition “A global movement” with the artists Banksy / Bault / Brusk / Clet / Erell / Evaz├ęSir / Goddog / Invader / Levalet / Madame / MonkeyBird / Popay / Shepard Fairey / Swoon / Vhils / Tim Zdey / Zlotykamien / …

“For several decades now, urban art has taken over the world’s largest museum: the street. This shows that art does not only emerge from the top of society, but also from the bottom. It represents a range of open and multiple dialogues, as do the number of artists belonging to this movement, and in this way it is part of the history of art. Urban art (street art and post-graffiti) conveys a universal message, which often leads us to question society and the values essential to humanity. Nicolas Laugero-Laserre

Gallery open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 1pm and from 3.30pm to 7pm