Les Gorges de la Diosaz

The footpath of Les Gorges de la Diosaz offer a spectacular and unusual visit into a natural and wild environment. The shaded footpath present a moderate difficulty and is well equipped, solidly implanted, sometimes into the steep rock face, sometimes even crossing the torrent by agreeable footbridges, allowing you to enter into the mysterious and picturesque landscape. A good idea for a stroll, this natural site is as fascinating in good weather as it is in the rain.

You can observe and admire the natural erosion of la Diosaz and contemplate the majesty and raw beauty of Mother Nature while standing in front of the cascading waterfalls.

All along the footpath, the jets of white froth contrast with either the black and green schist, or the grey and red oxidised rock speckled with bright yellow lichen. Waterfall follows waterfall with a constant roar as the water throws itself into giant bowls and deep gulfs to finish in a transparent froth before continuing its way down the gulley through rocks shaped by the water. Bare tree trunks, piled up on the banks of the torrent give witness to the violence of the storm waters.

Numerous information boards explain the geology and history of the gorges helping you to better understand this listed site. More than 100 types of ferns have been found in the site.

Unguided tour of 1h15
Total length 2km600 (return trip on the same path)
600 steps
Good shoes recommended
Path not accessible to strollers
Dogs accepted if sociable and leashed (narrow lane)

Open from 5 June 2021