The rebirth of Megève

Piaf Megeve Eden Luxury Homes

From the Accor group to the very trendy Paris Society, the world of hotels and festive restaurants is rushing to Megève.

  No less than three “Owls” (the central one, the snow one on the slopes then the Italian concept Amore on the ice rink), the trendy nightclub Piaf, the Tigrrr, new luxury boutiques: for sure, Megève has got a new look this year. We can of course regret that there are few businesses run by the Mégevans, the disappearance of small bistros where vacationers mingle with locals and food shops, being replaced by designer stores. At the turn of the century, however, the beauty of Haute-Savoie had fallen asleep on its laurels. It was time to wake up … “Now things are moving”, rejoices Mégevan Jean-Paul Allard, after having entrusted his son Antoine with the reins of the AAllard house, the pinnacle of luxury for decades. It is also widely accepted that this luxury haven of Mont d´Arbois, run by the Canadian chain Four Seasons, which appeared three years ago, has enhanced the village’s image on the international scene. “From December 1 to January 3, out of 43%, 9% were Americans, against 1.8% during the same period last winter,” said Hélène Madec, of the Visitors’ Office. “This new installation boom is also a very good event” confirms. Marie Sibuet of the famous “Fermes de Marie”, now co-pilot, with her brother Nicolas from the hotel group founded by their parents and whose set of old wood chalets had at the time upset the codes of mountain hotels. “For many years, we felt a bit like Megève,” she continues. “The multiplication of the resort’s luxury hotel offers creates an emulation that will benefit everyone, as long as the new players provide an experienced service, which is the case”, continues Thomas Marty-Lavauzelle, president of the Eden group, who It represents the largest para-hotel group in the resort with 200 luxury chalets In Megève ranging from Jaillet to Mont-d’Arbois. Eden in addition to the rental of luxury chalets offers a tailor-made concierge service to its customers. For her part, the activity on Megeve AfterSki, Eden’s subsidiary application which aims to digitize shopping in Megève has almost quadrupled, says Annabelle Baccara, her director of development. Megeve Afterski’s app account now has a very active community of ten thousand people. Unheard of on the station.