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Amalfi Coast with its combination of absolute beauty and fascinating drama, characterised as an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape. Its picturesque landscape, coastal mountains, lush forests and beautiful towns create breathtaking views. Sorrento and Salerno are the two main locations to enter the coast. Apart from its pure beauty, the Amalfi Coast is a historic location and well as a home for some prestigious restaurants. Moreover, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best regions for hiking in Italy that offers a great way to escape from clamor.


Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is located on the relatively steep southern coast of the Sirrentine Peninsula. The Amalfi Coat rout is 40 kilometers long and runs along the shore from the Vietri sul Mare town in the east and Positano in the west. There are thirteen towns are located along the Amalfi Coast and each of them has something unique to offer. For instance, the city of Positano featured prominently in scenes of the film Under the Tuscan Sun.

Uniqueness of the Region

Amalfi is well known for hand – made thick paper that called bambagina. Amalfi is also famous for its limoncello liqueur as the area is known for lemons cultivation, it also famous for its local product such as anchovies and colorful handmade ceramics.

History and Culture

Foundation of the Amalfi Coast

From a historical perspective, the Amalfi Coast has been influence by events happening in surrounded regions, for instance, the demolition of nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Roman settlement occurred from under the Duchy of Naples and founded by Greek traders from Euboea Island in 839 A.D.

The Middle Ages

In 1073 Amalfi was conquered by the Normans and by 1131 it became a part of the Kingdom of Sicily. During the Middle Ages, Amalfi experienced hard times as the population was decreasing due to limited trade and outbreak of plagues in 1638.

Amalfi Coast Today

Currently, Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. In 1997, the Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape.

Things to do

Stroll the Street of Sorrento

Sorrento is located between mountains overlooking the Bay of Naples. This town offers an absolutley breathtaking views from its cliffside settings. You can enjoy an opportunity to take a relaxed pace while strolling between lemon and olive groves or window shopping.

Visit Ravello

Ravello is located on slopes more than a kilometer above the sea, making you feel closer to the sky than the sea. Ravello can truly be considered as the most beautiful and romantic town in South Italy. You can enjoy its spectacular garden, quite streets and unforgettable views.

Visit Gardens of Augustus in Capri

The Island Capri also known as the « Island of Dreams » is located in a short distance from the Amalfi Coast. Initially, the island was a hideaway to Roman emperors. This little island offers spectacular scenery of the Gardens of Augustus. You will be able not only to enjoy spectacular views but also take great photos. The garden is comprised of panoramic flower decked terraces and overlooks the Faraglioni, the Bay of Marina Piccola and Via Krupp.

Visit an active Volcano Vesuvius

Visit Vesuvius and enjoy a sweeping view if the Naples Bay. As mainland Europe’s only active volcano, this 4,000 foot summit has been asleep since 1944 and if you search its far end, will give you an amazing view overlooking Pompeii.

Visit  Grotta dello Smerldo

The Grotta dello Smerldo was not discovered until 1932 due to its missing a natural outlet above the waterline. You can access a swimming spot from Strada Statale, the main road along the Amalfi Coast. You can travel down to sea level, get a boat and take in this fascinating emerald-colored sea cave as part of your holidays at Amalfi Coast.

Places to see

Duomo in Amalfi Town

This cathedral has controversy as it supposedly holds the remains of St. Andrew the Apostle, which was brought to Amalfi from Constantinople during the Crusades. Notwithstanding of whether you believe in the relics’ origins, it is worth to see its elegant bronze doors, cast in Constantinople in the 11th century.


Experience a unique archaeological opportunity when traveling to Amalfi Coast. Pompeii offers the best insights of Roman life two thousand years ago. This entire city was covered under 30 feet of hot sludge and volcanic ash. You will have an opportunity to observe these well-preserved ruins that are a result of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in A.D 79

To see and to be seen

Marina Grande

Marina Grande is one of the well knows seafood restaurants in the Amalfi Coast. This restaurant is run by the third generation of the same family, and loved primarily by locals. In addition, Marina Grande is member of the Slow Food Movement and in its dishes it uses almost exclusively organic products.

Restaurant la Caravella

This is probably one of the best restaurants in Amalfi Coast that has recently earned a Michelin star with dished that offer nouvelle zap, like black ravioli with cuttlefish ink, scampi and ricotta, or that are unabashedly simple, like the catch of the day that served on lemon leaves. This is one of those places where you pay for the quality of food rather then the location. Indeed, this restaurant is located between the rushing traffic of the road. However, it does not concern the knowledgeable customers who dine there. In addition, wine aficionados are likely to find something to try on the 15,000-label list.

Dolcería dell’ Antíco Portico

This famous place is located under the arches and run by celebrated pastry chef Tiziano Mita, who has worked in Paris and Milan and at the revered Palazzo Sasso in Ravello. He uses a contemporary twist to traditional sweet treats, like sfogliatella in the form of a trullo (conical roofed building unique to Puglia). Olive-oil biscuits, almond pastries and lemon cream cake are similarly delicate and delicious. They also do coffee and have a couple of tables outside. Spoil yourself with sweet threats when visiting Amalfi Coast.

Thermal luxury Spa on Ischia

Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples and has been renowned for its restorative spas. The island is full of green, rare and exotic plants due to its fertile sand. Thus,in addition to curative spas, charming beaches and therapeutic sands, you will be able to enjoy great views. The water in hot springs is ideal for various health treatments as it heated by volcanic action.

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