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9 essential things to do in Megève

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Megève is a resort known for its magnificent ski area, its breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc and its excellent restaurants. But it is also a place that gives way to magic and wonder by offering many extraordinary activities: an encounter with reindeer, dog sledding, getaway in the air, sporting exploits… you to enjoy unforgettable activities and experiences in Megève. While waiting for your arrival in this exceptional village, we share with you below our selection of the best experiences to live at the foot of majestic mountains. Moments of happiness to share with your better half, family or friends.  

The best things to try while in  Megève

Meet the reindeers of Megève

Megève is home to a reindeer farm that can be visited. You will be able to approach the animals and even pet them while listening to the passionate stories of their breeders. The reindeer roam freely in the domain but you will have no trouble seeing them up close by giving them some lichen: a plant they love. After the reindeer, you will go to the sheepfold to meet the sheep and the lambs.
The owners of the Megève reindeer herding also offer afternoon tea in a magnificent Kota Finlandais, a traditional Scandinavian chalet that brings guests together around a comforting wood fire. And this is only the first of Megève’s must-do activities.

Flight over the Mont-Blanc by plane…

Megève sits at the foot of Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in France and Europe. If you want to see it closer, we invite you to take the plane. It is indeed possible to fly over it in a small aircraft capable of carrying up to 4 passengers (2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children in addition to the pilot). The aircraft is equipped with panoramic skylights to ensure a sensational experience for all occupants. During this flight at an altitude of 3,000 meters, you will be able to enjoy absolutely breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc, the surrounding mountains and glaciers, the Vallée Blanche, and the Chamonix Valley. An exceptional moment that will be forever anchored in your memories.

… in a hot air balloon…

If you want to take to the skies while enjoying the fresh air and absolute calm, you can also fly over the region in a hot air balloon. Among the activities to do in Megève, this is undoubtedly the most poetic of all. For a few hours, you will be suspended in time and space, in the front row of the most beautiful spectacle that nature can offer us. An intimate encounter with Mont-Blanc, Beaufortain and Bauges but also the Italian and Swiss Alps at an altitude of 2,500 meters.

… or by hélicopter

Finally, if the plane and the hot air balloon are not enough for you, know that it is possible to fly over the Alps in a helicopter. You will be able to admire Megève as well as the snow-covered territories which surround the village: Mont-Blanc, Aiguille du Midi, the Argentière glacier, the Tour glacier, the Émosson lake and, of course, the Vallée Blanche. .

Take a dog sled ride

After meeting the reindeer and admiring Mont-Blanc from the air, why not take a dog sled ride through the forest? An experience that is sure to awaken all your senses and put a smile on your face. Hiking with sled dogs is the promise of experiencing extraordinary moments in a setting of unspoiled nature. The proximity to the animals, the magic of the sleeping forest, the immaculate snow… So many things that make it another unforgettable activity to do in Megève.

Tobogganing down the slopes

In Megève, it is possible to experience thrills by taking a tobogganing circuit on rails. A course of more than 700 meters long with bends, tunnels, and pretty variations in altitude that you can hurtle down at more than 30 kilometers per hour. An ideal activity for adults and children alike, solo or in pairs (from 3 years old).

Practice snow golf

Did you know that Megève saw the birth of snow golf? If you thought that this sport could not be practiced in winter, think again. You can indeed live this unusual experience during the Vacheron Constantin Snow Golf Cup. A 9-hole course on the Mont d’Arbois which brings together golfers from all backgrounds and all levels.

Climb an icefall

The most athletic will live an extraordinary experience by climbing an icefall in Megève. If the practice of this sport can seem risky, it is without counting on the accompaniment and the professionalism of the monitors. The waterfall is erected in the very heart of Megève by the resort guides. You will be able to live an experience that rhymes with adrenaline and surpassing oneself in complete safety (accessible from 10 years old).

Spend an evening in an igloo

At the end of the day, you can recover from your emotions with one last unusual activity in Megève: an evening in a real traditional igloo. This unforgettable experience will have you putting on your snowshoes for a bucolic walk in the light of the setting sun. At the end of the walk, you will meet for a friendly and warm moment inside an igloo. The opportunity to taste delicious local products: wine or hot chocolate, cold cuts, and Savoyard cheeses… Unforgettable activities in Megève, which you can share with your loved ones.  

Megève, an experience in its own right

The village is the scene of many activities as unusual as they are amazing. Whether you are looking for adrenaline or poetry, there is no doubt that you will find experiences to suit your tastes. Unique moments and memories that you can tell your loved ones at the end of each new day, in your luxury chalet in Megève.